Your Honest Voice
Key Points
  • Increased access to school counselors
  • Support educators and the resources they need inside the classroom - including compensation
  • Advocate and educate the public on School Trust Lands


I have served on the School Community Council for ten years. I feel a high-quality education and access to school counselors is a top priority for our school children. We need to realize that while per-pupil spending will always be low in Utah, we still must demonstrate a solid effort to our students and teachers. Too many young educators are leaving the profession. As your elected representative, I will vote to give them the support and resources they need inside the classroom – including compensation.


Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Education

Key Points
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Commitment

I was raised to be honest and always tell the truth.  Calling names and blaming others is not my personality.  I take responsibility for my actions.  As your representative, I will always tell the truth, stand for the right, and take the higher road.  I will honor and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Integrity

Land Use
Key Points
  • School Trust Lands Fund
  • More State-owned lands
  • Balanced land use


I have been grateful for the School Trust Lands. This program has provided schools with much-needed financial support. We need less Federal lands and more State-owned lands.


Key Points
  • Cost Transparency
  • Provider Shopping
  • Pro-vaccine, not pro-mandate

Our healthcare system is out of control! I am married to a physician, and I know the U.S. has some of the most highly qualified and trained physicians in the world. That being said, my husband and I pay over $2100/month for a family health insurance plan. It has almost tripled in the past ten years. We need to have transparency. The public should have the right to shop around for the best doctor and the best price for a medical procedure and know exactly how much a procedure will cost.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Healthcare

Key Points
  • Water conservation
  • Protect water rights
  • Incentives for water conservation

Pray for lots of snow! We need to do better conserving as a State. Governor Cox has put forth a good conservation program encouraging, teaching, and incentivizing residents on ways to do this. I support his plan. Our farmers and ranchers need the water, and they need a loud voice on Capitol Hill to advocate for their interests.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Water

Air Quality
Key Points
  • Innovation
  • Less regulation and more education
  • Personal responsibility


I live in Mountain Green, and when I look down Weber Canyon, I see a thick layer of inversion during the winter months. Some of that pollution is starting to creep up into our mountain community. We need to do all we can to clean up the air that we breathe. Our children deserve a clean environment to grow up in to keep them healthy, active, and grateful for the beauty that surrounds them. Government regulations and mandates aren’t the answer – state and local governments need to be prepared to incorporate and incentivize technologies as they are developed.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Air Quality

Position on Covid-19 and vaccine requirements
Key Points
  • Pro-vaccine
  • Anti-mandate
  • Personal choice

Covid-19 and its multiple variants have taken too many precious lives, including some of my personal friends.  Our healthcare workers work overtime and are constantly exposed to coronavirus disease.  The disease is taking a toll on all of us; schools and businesses have been shut down due to staff shortages because of positive testing of Covid-19.  Store shelves are empty, and the lines to get tested for Covid-19 are hours long.  We are tired and worn out, but we are strong.  Often masks and vaccines divide us, but we all want the same thing: to stay healthy and beat Covid-19!   We care for our family and neighbors, and we move forward during the surge of the Omicron variant.  I am pro-vaccine, but I am not pro-mandate.  As your representative, I will oppose government mandates.  We are all in this together.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Covid-19 Vaccine and Requirements

Key Points
  • Pro-life
  • Pro-family

I am pro-life and pro-family. As your representative, I will do all I can to protect the unborn child and the living child. Children are precious, and they deserve a voice in society. I do not support abortion, however, there are special circumstances that may justify abortion, and these are in the case of rape, incest, and the health or life of the mother. Every life is important to me, born and unborn.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Abortion

Economic Development, Fiscal Responsibility, Jobs
Key Points
  • Free enterprise and limited government
  • Responsible growth
  • Affordable housing, business, and fiscal development


I am a supporter of free enterprise and limited government.  As our beautiful State of Utah rapidly grows in population, I will support legislation focused on responsible growth.  There needs to be good communication and a plan for housing, businesses, and fiscal development in our rural communities.  I will closely work with city and county council/commissioner members to localize these issues.

2nd Amendment
Key Points
  • Unwavering right to bear arms
  • Gun safety

I support the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. I grew up with guns. We often used guns on our farm to defend our animals from predators. I own a gun, and I have a concealed weapons permit. As your representative, I will protect the individual’s constitutional right to bear arms.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - 2nd Amendment

Military and Veterans
Key Points
  • Veteran access to the VA
  • Continued recognition and support
  • Teach our children to respect and honor those who fight for our country

The United States Military and veterans hold a special place in my heart.  I never knew my grandfather because his ship was bombed by a Japanese air attack while fighting in the Pacific on the USS Franklin during World War II.   Over 800 crew were lost that day in March of 1945, and my grandfather was reported missing in action.  My father served in the Army and was proud of his service to the United States of America.

I will continue to honor and support our veterans and their families. As your representative, I will help veterans access their benefits through the VA. I will fight for the resources and support our veterans deserve. Teaching the next generation to honor and respect the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families will help strengthen communities and build unity. Honoring and supporting those who are currently serving in the military, including their families, is a privilege for every American. We have been blessed in Utah to have Hill Air Force Base in close proximity. The men and women who serve on Base have sacrificed much and have made our country a better place. I will support the efforts to keep Hill Air Force Base Active. Hill Air Force helps support our economy by providing thousands of jobs on Base and indirectly off Base.

Raelene Blocker - The Issues - Military and Veterans

Key Points
  • Help build positive relationships between law enforcement and the public
  • Support education and training for law enforcement

I am grateful for the men and women who chose to work in our police force—having law and order in society gives individuals a sense of security and protection. Expectations of being a law-abiding citizen help communities function and run cohesively. I support our law enforcement. I will promote more positive social interaction between law enforcement and the public. Knowing the men and women of law enforcement's faces and names helps establish trust. I will support education and training for law enforcement to improve their ability to build positive relationships with the public, implement the law, and keep our communities safe.


Resolving the Issues - Police

Government's Role
Key Points
  • The State is getting too involved in city and county affairs
  • Keep open communication with local elected officials and citizens
  • Support legislation that emphasizes local control


The State is continually stepping on the toes of our local elected officials. I have met, am meeting, and will continue meeting with local community leaders to learn how I can best represent them as their State Legislature. I will be available and open to conversation about local control. Our conversations so far have made it clear: local elected officials need a Representative that will allow them to do what is best for their communities. I will fight for local control and oppose any efforts to centralize decision making at the State level.


Government's Role

Your Honest Voice - Raelene Blocker
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