Kristalee Hawkes

My name is Kristalee Hawkes. I am a wife and a mother of six children. I met Raelene in the beginning of the Covid crisis, while out on a walk. That was the beginning of a sweet friendship, that I cherish. I have been impressed by Raelene’s gift of “keeping her head” in the midst of very difficult trials. She has a gift to see through what appears to be a difficult situation or problem, and find the lesson that needs to be learned, or the path to solution. She has the dedication to see anything through to its resolution. She carries herself with dignity, but humility, and confidence, directed towards helping the people in her community. She has shown her loyalty to the people through her years of service to others. She is firm in her convictions and steady in her path. She will keep her word. She will stand up for all that we so treasure in the great constitution of the United States of America. I give her my whole hearted support, and ask you to join me! Thank you!

– Morgan County Resident