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My name is Raelene Blocker, and I am running for Utah House District 4, formerly 53. I am a proud wife, mother, and Utahn who has lived in our community for over 11 years.

I grew up on a small farm in rural Utah. My father passed away when I was 13, leaving my mother a widow of 10 children. We didn’t have much, and we lived off what we grew and the animals we raised. I remember waking up at 5am to milk the cow before catching the school bus. I would often get extra sleep on my forty-minute bus ride to school. Hard work was essential to our survival. Despite my hardships, I was determined to work hard in school. I knew I needed a scholarship to pay for college. I graduated from BYU with a degree in international relations, Served a mission to Spain for my church, and raised a family while my husband, completed eight years of medical school and residency. Three years ago, I graduated with a Masters of Legal Studies from SJ Quinney College of Law. I also completed mediation training with  Utah Dispute Resolution.

"I was raised to be honest and always tell the truth. Calling names and blaming others is not my personality. I take responsibility for my actions.


I loved going to school, but after my father passed, I felt alone. Everyone seemed to be avoiding me at school because they didn’t know what to say to me. My school didn’t have a counselor to talk me through my emotional stress and life experiences. Many of our students today need access to a school counselor for many different reasons. Being emotionally sound allows students to learn and concentrate at much higher rates. 


Hard work has always allowed me to pursue happiness. I believe strongly in self-determination, fiscal responsibility, the indispensable role of families, limited government, and the divine inspiration of the Constitution. As your representative, these ideals will guide each and every decision that I make so that our way of life can be protected and our children and grandchildren can pursue happiness free from government intrusion. I am running to represent our community to keep that promise alive. 


I currently serve on multiple boards and committees. Being involved and caring for the people in our community is important to me. As a wife and mother of four beautiful children, I find much joy in strengthening the family unit at home and in whatever capacity I am serving.

"I am a supporter of free enterprise and limited government. As our beautiful State of Utah rapidly grows in population, I will support legislation focused on responsible growth."


10 years on the Morgan Schools' Community Councils

Board member of the Mountain Green Water Board

Board member of the Mountain Green Fire Protection District

Volunteer EMT/Firefighter

Refugee volunteer for International Rescue Committee and Catholic Community Services

Substitute school teacher

President of the Weber/Morgan County Medical Alliance

President of the Utah Medical Association Alliance

Member of the Legislative Compensation Committee

Volunteer/observer for the Utah Judicial Performance Evaluation

Past president of the Parent Teacher Student Organization

Intern for two US Senators

BA in International Relations

Masters in Legal Studies

Trained Mediator

County Delegate for 13 years

State Delegate for 13 years

County Republican Party Precinct Chair

Masters Home Owners Association Board Member

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Raelene Blocker EMT

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Being involved and caring for the people in our community is important to me.