Raelene Blocker - Running as a Republican Representative for Utah House

"As your Republican Representative for District 4 (formerly district 53), I will work to improve our schools, land use, economy and more. I strive to listen and to be your honest voice!

Meet Raelene

My name is Raelene Blocker, and I am running for Utah House District 4, formerly 53. I am a proud wife, mother, and Utahn who has lived in our community for over 11 years.


I grew up on a small farm in rural Utah. My father passed away when I was 13, leaving my mother a widow of 10 children. We didn’t have much, and we lived off what we grew and the animals we raised. I remember waking up at 5 AM…

5 Reasons for you to consider


As I met with local leaders in Morgan, Summit, and Rich Counties, I learned that the current representative is disengaged from most local leadership. Mayors, councils, commissioners, and educators said their emails and phone calls were not returned by the current representative. I am available and willing to work with local leadership in improving communication and working on legislation surrounding local issues. Local control is vital to keeping our rural communities thriving the way the residents want them to thrive. The current representative has twice voted to override local control.



I will support and propose legislation that is relative to District 4. I will focus on policy that positively impacts my constituents, and not on politics, position, or message legislation.



I will not be difficult to work with. The current representative has stated over and over she is “difficult,” and will continue to be difficult. I am a coalition builder, and I know every voice in district 4 deserves to be heard and respected.



I support our teachers, our students, and our parents. All are super important to me.  Supporting good dialogue between parents and teachers can help reduce stress and contention in local school districts. I support higher pay and less micromanaging of our teachers. They just want to teach. Trust needs to be developed between parent and teacher, and the best way to do that is for the parent to volunteer in their student’s classroom. Let us create more volunteer opportunities in upper grade levels, so parents can interact with teachers and develop much needed trust in what and how they teach our children.



I look and search for truth and not speculation and hearsay.  I am your honest voice.

Governor Herbert - Endorsement

Governor Herbert endorses Raelene

“I am impressed with Raelene and the service she has already given to her community. An effective legislator knows how to work well with others in order to best represent their constituents, and I believe voters in Rich, Morgan and Summit counties would be wise to elect her. She is conservative to her core and would make for a great addition to the Utah Legislature.”

Addressing the key issues of District 4

If I were to be elected to represent Utah House District 4, I would not only be a listening ear, but your honest voice.  It is important to me to hear the concerns of the people and to fight for what is true. If you are interested in hearing my position on some of the top issues that District 4, and even Utah as a whole is facing, click the button below.

Raelene Blocker For House – Utah House District 4
Your Honest Voice - Raelene Blocker
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