Randy Watt

With 37 years of law enforcement experience and 34 years of military service, I know what it takes to be an effective leader. Raelene Blocker demonstrates all the critical traits and attributes necessary to be our champion in District 4 of the Utah House of Representatives. I have met with Raelene on several occasions and discussed her views on the issues facing Morgan County in the days ahead. In my opinion, of the candidates, Raelene best understands those issues and has formulated solid plans on how to address them. Her position on state government, that it has overstepped its boundaries and moved too far into local issues best addressed by elected local officials, coincides with mine. Her over a decade of volunteer work in the Morgan County School District has provided her with an excellent understanding of the needs of our Morgan County children and how the state can best support the school district, rather than the school district supporting the state. Of course, her strong belief in local law enforcement also coincides with my experience on how local law enforcement can best serve its constituents, and her support for veterans is dear to my heart. I believe in Raelene and I wholeheartedly endorse her as my choice for District 4 Representative to the Utah Legislature.

– Colonel (ret.), U.S. Army and Utah Army National Guard; Chief (ret.), Ogden Police Department